For the highest productivity and quality standard at the lowest cost of ownership

Curing in milliseconds versus seconds in the current industry practice, the ADAT3 XF Tagliner is three times faster and 30% more accurate than anything on the market. Common systems only work with transparent web material; this Tagliner handles a diverse range, including paper enabling you to move away from PET plastics for sustainability. Eliminating manual handling through automated wafer change and qualified for die bond of all known ICs down to 200 μm die size, the ADAT3 XF Tagliner performs a complete inspection without sacrificing speed and productivity.  


48.000 units per hour with the machine speed up to 50.8 mm web pitch
High-precision die-attach
Works with both transparent and non-transparent web material
High-precision glue dispense system
High-speed thermal compression curing system. Easy maintenance, one or two units only
100% high-resolution optical inspections on glue, die, attach and cure processes — without compromising machine speed
Process fully qualified for major chip suppliers at the industry's tightest reliability requirements: temperature, humidity, and mechanical.
8 to 12 inches wafer compatible with fully automatic wafer change
Capable to handle dies down to 200 µm
Single-track design for easy operation and change over
Integrated with BW Paper systems, winding/conversion systems, and Voyantic readers


48.000 units per hour flip chip up to a web pitch of 50.8 mm

Die Range
Die size: 200 x 200 µm to 5 x 5 mm
Web width: 40 - 165 mm, single row operation

Placement accuracy
Die position: x, y: 1σ
Die rotation: φ: 1σ
Pick and place force: 0.2 - 1.5 ± 0.1 N

Dispense accuracy
Dot size accuracy: 1σ
Dot position accuracy: 1σ
Dot diameter: >200 µm

Cure system
2 stitch units, thermo compression cure
Cure temperature range: 20 … 500 ± 5 °C
Cure force range: 0 - 20 ± 0.5 N
Cure time range: 0 - 5000 ms

QA vision inspections
Glue dot size and -location
Die top-side before attach
Die bottom-side before attach
Glue presence before attach
Die presence before cure
Die placement and rotation

Wafer handling
8 and 12 inches
Steel/plastic Film Frame Carrier (FFC)
Automatic wafer change
Wafer expansion
Automatic barcode reader

BW Paper Systems
Voyantic Reader

Machine dimensions
Length, width, height: 5397 x 1500 x 2617 mm3
Net weight: 5230 kg

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