Eliminate long test times and high-test costs

The most advanced modular parameter test system for discrete semiconductors up to 6 or 12 leads. With ultra-short test times, this tester is capable of testing up to 92.000 devices per hour with a single test handler — the fastest test cell on the market. This tester can be used as a wafer tester, a PCM tester and as a final tester in the back-end. nanoParset occupies minimal floor space. Up to four test heads can be combined as one to test 24-pin packages at the highest possible throughput. Fast Kelvin checks without switching relays to prevent breakage.


Target segments
Back-end Final Test
Wafer Test
PCM Test

High performance
Near-zero footprint (213 x 440 mm)
Ultra-short test times — increasing UPH
Highest accuracy in the market
Extreme flexibility

Multiple configurations possible with
1 booster controller (nTHBC)
Up to 4 test heads (nSBTH) with 6 channels
Fast Kelvin check without switching relays
Ultra-fast leakage test
Pin electronics
Multi-site testing
Optional SECS/GEM interface following SEMI standard

Embedded software
User-definable parameters
Visual ITEC: user-definable operator interface
Automatic multi-site expansion
Scope function
V and I waveforms and timing on all channels
Real-time diagnostics
Curve traces

Extendable Software
Equipment control for multiple test cells
Dynamic Part Average Test
Static Part Average Test
Moving Limits
Nearest neighbourhood residual


Maximum supply and current per channel
400 V / 3 A

Small footprint
Test Head: 125 x 540 x 375 mm
Booster: 213 x 440 x 875 mm

Extendable test heads for adding handlers (up to 2 handlers)
Maximum: 12 leads
Voltage: 220 - 240 VAC +/- 5%, 1-phase
Current: Fused on 16 A
Frequency: 50 / 60 Hz +/- 0.5 Hz
Handler Interface: GPIB, TTL, RS232, TCP/IP
Optional SECS/GEM interface following SEMI standard

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