The only 3D inspection solution in the market for reel-to-reel products

Enhance your manufacturing efficiency and competitiveness with high-speed multi rows lead-frame 3D inspection, highly flexible customizable design with a simplex vision solution, and automatic high-speed laser treatment for rejects. When cost and quality of manufacturing are a concern, the 3D Post-Wirebond Reel-to-Reel Inspection guarantees the quality of die and wire bond — enabling fast feedback loop. The PHIXEL DWR minimizes waste and loss in manufacturing processes — eliminating defects usually only discovered during the electrical tests of finished products.


Inspection of lead-frame substrate to detect post-die bond and wire bond defect

Key features
High-speed fully auto wire loop/profile inspection
Min 5 MP camera for 3D inspection
Laser cut option for reject handling
Post-inspection after reject laser handling
Inspection Time: 7 µm resolution with 4cm/second
SEMI standard with SECS/GEM interface
Sophisticated defect mode classification
Lead frame width 17 mm to 32 mm
AOI cellular network architecture for recipe and e-Map management
Option: real-time data feeding to MES and eSPC
Option: auto email alert (defect/batch summary)


Imaging system
Camera: 5 M pixels area camera monochrome
Number of camera(s): 3
Resolution/Field of view: 3.7 µm/pixel, FOV: 9 mm
Minimum object detection: 15 µm
Lighting: Compound lighting

Inspection categories
Program mode: Fast programming for common reject criteria
Reject treatment: Electronic map and laser
Inspection view: Top and side view

Inspection items:
Die defects: Foreign material. Die placement. Glue on chip
Wire defects: Ball shift. Sweep wire. Loop height. Sagging wire. Stray wire. Broken wire. Missing wire. Stitch off. Stitch offset
Lead frame defects: Lead deformation. Lead shift. Lead lift up. Missing chip

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