The only post-tape inspection equipment on the market providing full inspection capability

Guarantees the quality of the products you produce and deliver. The Post-Seal In-Tape Inspection eliminates quality defects — bringing customer complaints and field recall rates close to 0 PPM. The PHIXEL IHW has a fast convertible for 7-13-inch” carrier tape reel diameter and auto conversion for different carrier tape widths up to 32mm. With AOI cellular network architecture for recipe management and Advanced Defect Classification (ADC) by hybrid analysis, the Post-Seal In-Tape Inspection outperforms market competition to go above and beyond your customers’ requirements.

Phixel IHW

Inspection after taping to detect orientation, lead, mark, seal, package surface defect, reel label and quantity

Key features
Min. 5MP camera for top & bottom inspection
AOI cellular network architecture for recipe management
Reel size: 7" to 13"
Throughput: up to 120K UPH (subject to package size & pitch)
Option: tilted lead defect vision
Cu exposure detection under development
Package: leaded, leadless, and WLCSP
Carrier tape width: 8 to 32 mm (auto track width)
Advanced Defect Classification (ADC)
SEMI standard with SECS/GEM interface
Option: real-time data feeding to MES and eSPC
Option: auto email alert (defect/batch summary)


Imaging system
Camera: 5M pixels area camera monochrome
Number of camera(s): 2: 1 (top) + 1 (bottom)
Resolution/Field of view: 4 - 16 µm/pixel FOV: 10 mm to 40 mm
Minimum object detection: 16 µm
Lighting: Compound lighting

Inspection categories
Program mode: Fast programming for common reject criteria
Reject treatment: Electronic map
Inspection view: Top (and angle camera for lead lift up defect as upgrade option)

Inspection items
Marking defects: Unclear mark (faded character). Shift mark (misaligned marking). Incomplete mark. Double mark (multiple character). Vertical mark (wrong orientation). No mark. Mixed marking
Moulded Package defects: Bubbles/bulge. Voids/pin holes. Crack. Broken body. Chipping
Scratch. Unmoulded. Incomplete fill. Foreign material
Lead Package defects: Mould flash on/along lead. Foreign material and contamination. Exposed wire/clip. Ejector mark. Visible wire
Solder bridging. Bent lead/lead angle. Lead sweep. Lead length. Lead spacing/span. Lead cuts/depressions/damage. Lead burr. Missing lead. Lead length. Incomplete lead forming. Metal burr
Taping defects: Loose/unseal cover tape. Cover tape misalignment. Damaged/contamination cover tape. Deformed/damaged cavity. Damaged bottom tape. Chipped/broken body. Mixed product. Edge sealing. Unseal tape. Offset sealing. Cover tape tearing. Product tilting

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