Enables early detection of production problems to prevent loss

The Strip-to-Strip Inspection after Plating guarantees the quality of WIP products with fast feedback loop. When manufacturing cost and quality are a concern, the PHIXEL MIS minimizes waste and loss — enabling early detection of defects usually only discovered during the final 4th Optical inspection of finished products. With ultra-high-speed vision scan, high-precision for 2D inspection DFN products, high accuracy laser for reject treatment, and fast conversion, the PHIXEL MIS supports the largest strip size: 100 x 300 mm.

Phixel MIS_strip-to-strip

Inspection of lead-frame substrate to detect package dimension, molding and plating defect

Key features
Dual stations for 2D inspection and laser marker
Throughput: 32K to 117K UPH (subject to package size & leadframe density)
Support max 100 mm x 300 mm substrate LF size
8K or 16K line scan camera resolution
3-4 magazines for on/off loaders
Auto-lead frame QR code reading
Full strip laser mark option
Vacuum system and brush clean for package laser mark
AOI cellular network architecture for recipe and e-Map management
Option: real-time data feeding to MES and eSPC
Option: auto email alert (defect / batch summary)
SEMI standard with SECS/GEM interface
Advanced Defect Classification (ADC) by deep learning


Imaging system
Camera: 16K color line-scan camera
Number of camera(s): 2
Resolution/Field of view: 3.17 to 6.3 µm / pixel, FOV 50 mm to 100 mm
Minimum object detection: 12 to 25 µm
Lighting: Compound lighting

Inspection categories
Program mode: Fast programming for common reject criteria
Reject treatment: Electronic map and auto punching
Inspection view: Top and bottom view

Inspection items:
Moulded lead-frame defects: Chipping. Body broken. Scratch. Pin hole or void. Mold shift. Incomplete mold. Gate remain. Foreign material. Gate chipping. Rough surface. Melted Body. Blister. Body crack. Bubbles
Lead-frame defects: Flash along lead. Cu exposure. Contamination. Bend lead or twisted lead. Mould compound leakage on lead. Burr. Missing lead. U-shape flash (mold flash under lead-frame). Indexing hole deformation. Mold flash. Lead press. Lead width. Empty (no encapsulation)

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