Minimize waste and loss in the wafer dicing process

The most cost-efficient diced-wafer inspection system on the market. With ultra-high-speed vision scan and high-precision wafer 2D inspection, the Post Dicing Wafer AOI enables conversion for 6", 8", and 12" wafer frame film carrier cassette. It guarantees the quality of diced wafer, allows a fast feedback loop, and prevents wafer yield loss. When cost and quality of manufacturing are a concern, this diced-wafer inspection system offers a tight wafer supply to eliminate wafer damage due to dicing issues. WIF offers inspection after wafer dicing to detect surface defects or inspection after package singulation of DFN to detect package, mark, lead, and plating defects. Advanced Defect Classification (ADC) by hybrid analysis will enhance manufacturing efficiency and competitiveness.


Inspection after wafer dicing to detect surface defects
Inspection after package singulation to detect package, mark, lead, and plating defects

Key features
2D surface inspection, stationary camera
128-thread processor
16K line scan camera resolution
Supports high-density wafer up to 500K dies
FOV 50 mm, 3.4 µm pixel resolution or 0.85 µm by upscaled image
Auto 2D barcode reading
Hi-end vision performance
High throughput at high-volume manufacturing rate
Granit base inspection work holder
Supports 6", 8", 12" wafer on Frame Film Carrier
Automatic wafer map match
Two cassettes at input loader
SEMI standard with SECS/GEM interface


Imaging system
Camera: 16K line scan monochrome
Number of camera(s): 1
Resolution/Field of view: 3.1 µm, FOV: 52 mm
Minimum object detection: 10 µm
Lighting: Coaxial

Inspection categories
Program mode: Fast programming for common reject criteria
Reject treatment: Electronic wafer map
Inspection view: Top view

Inspection items
Die related: Chipping. Damaged bump larger than percentage of bump area. Bump diameter. Shorted umps contact. Missing bump. Scratch. Probe mark size larger than percentage of bump area. Cracked die. Kerf shifting. Discoloration

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