Our business ethos

At ITEC, we pride ourselves on building world-class equipment to meet our customers' challenges. It's all part of our ethos: put the customer first, deliver on our promises, work as a team. And that's not all! We learn and grow together as we share our love of technology and have fun.

6 core principles

Our business ethos has six core principles and behaviors that underpin our work at ITEC:

  • Customer-conscious 
  • Do what we promise   
  • Work as a team
  • Learn and grow
  • Love technology 
  • Have fun 

Our core principles

We engineer answers to our customers’ challenges. We combine the engineer’s mindset—the desire to improve products and find solutions—with business sensitivity. We’re open to hearing what the customer wants, connecting and communicating at different levels, and building strong relationships for the future. We always put the customer first.

Do what we promise
We’re proud of our high-end technology products . We take ownership of our projects and commit to clear goals. We’re accountable and we deliver on our promises, creating business success for ourselves and our customers. Commitment is commitment. The job is not finished until we deliver what our customer needs.

Work as a team
Accountability is a joint responsibility—we’re in this together. We work in teams, communicating clearly and effectively in a spirit of trust and openness. Reporting lines are short here and individuals are encouraged to show initiative, come with new ideas, and connect with others at all levels across our small company. We give and take constructive feedback, help each other out and we do whatever it takes to get the team’s assignment completed successfully.

Learn and grow
Working in a multicultural, international team is an eye-opener in itself. Our company presents many more opportunities for learning and development. ITEC appreciates and stimulates initiative and encourages people to step beyond their comfort zones and broaden their competencies. We have a technical ladder program for engineers, leadership training for mid-level and senior management, a young talent program, and onboarding that includes technical and soft skills. Everyone’s invited to plan their own personal development and learn on the job. We recognize and share our successes. We’re a learning organization.

Love technology
We’re passionate about breakthrough technology. It’s the core of what we do at ITEC. Many of us are engineers, and developing, creating, and implementing high-end technology is what makes us feel great! As part of the team , we have the opportunity to make our own personal contribution to ITEC’s high-accuracy machines and software. We’re proud of our achievements in the semiconductor market. And we are ready for the next big challenge!

Have fun
“Work hard, play hard” is our motto. As a team, we have a strong bond and we take our groundbreaking work seriously, sharing and celebrating our successes. We like to balance the hard work with some seriously fun activities. From running and sailing, to skiing and socializing, we’re an outgoing group of professionals. We’re a diverse and inclusive team. If you love technology, have the knowledge, the passion, and an open mindset, you’ll have fun at ITEC!