Our success

Why we are successful

ITEC’s roots, going back over 30 years, have given us a great technological advantage. Today, we combine decades of expertise in semiconductor equipment and automation with the energy and excitement of a startup. We’re innovators—committed to furthering our customers’ success—and at ITEC innovation happens right across the company. Not just in engineering, but in sales, service, careers, and customer relations too.

High-accuracy, high-speed, high-quality solutions

As a customer, your needs have top priority with the ITEC team. We see it as our mission to: Develop breakthrough technologies, so we can build state-of-the-art equipment that enables our customers to mass-produce high-quality semiconductor products.

We do this not just because we love technology, but because we believe that engineering answers to our customers’ challenges is at the heart of finding solutions that meet their needs.

We offer a unique specialization, combining high quality with high speed. Our solutions run at speeds that are two and sometimes even three times faster than anything else on the market—cutting costs, without sacrificing accuracy or reliability.

Advanced technology for low-cost semiconductors

ITEC’s compass points us in a clear direction:
We strive to deliver the world’s most advanced technologies and equipment for high-accuracy, high-speed, high-quality semiconductor manufacturing.

We know that Total Cost of Ownership (TCOO) is key to the bottom-line success of every semiconductor manufacturer. So, at ITEC we have that firmly on our radar—all the way through from research to product development. As a result, the built-in cost efficiency that comes from the accuracy, speed and quality of our solutions is further enhanced by the reductions you can expect in manpower, maintenance costs and floor space.

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