Data-driven production testing

Our Parset family is the industry benchmark for discrete semiconductor testers. There are 3 basic models, and they are all modular, versatile and extendable. Each Parset tester can handle discrete devices with up to 6 or 12 leads. All the machines use standard handler interfaces and work seamlessly with any handler and wafer prober. Our software gathers data about measured devices and provides insights for product quality, stability, and yield optimization. Click on one of the product types below to learn more.

Power μParset Discrete tester

The Power µParset Discrete Tester can test power discretes up to 400 V @ 30 A per channel and has the quickest test times in the market. Its modular design means that it can test devices up to 2 kV @ 200 A.

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μParset Discrete Tester

Versatile hardware and software make the µParset DiscreteTester suitable for all wafer testing, final testing, acceptance or quality testing, and device characterization.

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Nanoparset Discrete Tester

The nanoParset Discrete Tester can test up to 90,000 devices per hour when combined with a dual-track handler — making it the fastest on the market. It can be used as a wafer tester, PCM (Process Control Monitoring) tester, and as a final back-end tester. Up to four test heads can be combined as one, to test 24-pin devices at the highest possible throughput.

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