Meet the manager

Marcel Vugts on ITEC's next challenge

ITEC General Manager Marcel Vugts is as unique as the company he runs—combining deep knowledge of semiconductor manufacturing with a hefty dose of inspiration for his co-workers. In this interview he lifts the veil on his career and how he sees ITEC’s future. 

From atoms to team building

Fresh out of Eindhoven Technical University with a PhD in Plasma Physics, Marcel Vugts’ very first posting as a process engineer was to an empty factory with the task of building up the team. “I quickly learned that making a diverse crew of people click to a common goal was just as inspiring as understanding how atoms work together,” he laughs. It launched his career in manufacturing, quality & reliability, operations, and general management, in Philips, NXP Semiconductors, Nexperia and ITEC, taking him to the US and Thailand and back to the Netherlands. Now, as general manager, he’s relishing the challenge of accelerating ITEC’s expansion in new markets. 

"ITEC’s goal is to increase our market presence fourfold by 2027. Through disruptive innovations we enable our customers to address the current semiconductor boom in a sustainable way. Our solutions redefine semiconductor manufacturing by pushing the boundaries of speed with uncompromised quality and lowest cost."

- Marcel Vugts

Customer focus and teamwork

Success will come from ITEC’s unique technology coupled with its strong customer focus. “Being customer conscious is a top priority for us,” says Marcel, “Our growth will come from customer referrals. We listen carefully to our clients and go the extra mile to deliver solutions that exceed their expectations every time."

“What makes me proud to work at ITEC is the strength of commitment in the team I see around me,” Marcel explained. “We’re really focused on making it happen together. From the R&D team with their new technologies, to the operations team with its supply chain challenges, and the service engineer at our customer—we’re all there to find solutions. We’re seeing the proof points now as leading companies choose ITEC for our faster production speeds, greater accuracy, more reliable and high-quality production, and our capacity to handle next generation die sizes. As a team, we’re ready to welcome new customers – and new employees – as we are growing rapidly.”

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