Your semiconductor equipment and automation partner

High-accuracy, high-speed, high-quality semiconductor finishing processes—that’s ITEC. We combine state-of-the-art equipment and automation expertise with 30-plus years of in-company semiconductor manufacturing experience. In the presence of this strong foundation, combined with an entrepreneurial spirit and an innovative team, we are now getting ready for growth in new markets.

Keeping our world connected

As devices get smarter and the dies inside them get smaller, we partner with our customers to supply the breakthrough technology that helps keep our world connected. We already have equipment that handles 75-micron dies at speeds of up to 70.000 units per hour with a positional accuracy of 2 microns. Our technical expertise delivers advanced mechatronic systems, accurate test electronics, inspection algorithms and smart manufacturing data handling.  

We have an installed base of more than 2500 systems producing over 100 billion automotive grade quality products every year. Partnering closely with our customers, we provide the machines that match your needs along with expert on-site advice and an approach to servicing that leaves you in control.

Taking customer needs to heart

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Pushing the boundaries of productivity

In 1987, ‘Breakthrough in Manufacturing’ was simply a new concept. Now, BiM aptly describes ITEC’s own approach to pushing the boundaries of semiconductor productivity. Learn how we help customers to manufacture semiconductor products of the highest quality—in massive volumes.

Our evolution

Why we are successful

ITEC’s roots, going back over 30 years, have given us a great technological advantage. Today, we combine decades of expertise in semiconductor equipment and automation with the energy and excitement of an innovative startup. Here’s why we’ll continue to succeed...

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Meet our general manager

ITEC General Manager Marcel Vugts is as unique as the company he runs—combining deep knowledge of semiconductor manufacturing with effective leadership skills. He is innovative and inspiring, and encourages ambitious thinking amongst those around him. Find out how his strategic vision is shaping the future for the team at ITEC.

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