Taking customer needs to heart

Engineering answers to our customers' challenges

Whether you are an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), an OSAT (Outsourced Semiconductor Assembly & Test), or a customer with your own specific question, the team at ITEC has solutions that meet your precise needs. From the first sales contact to the day that we walk out of your premises leaving you fully in control of our advanced equipment and automated processes, you can expect our professional attention, dedication and commitment to taking your needs to heart. In practice, we can provide everything from a full-service package including manpower, spares and consumables up to training your team to fully service the system yourself. We believe in a collaborative working approach and like to think of it as a partnership with fellow experts in the automation and semiconductor manufacturing field.  

A talk among experts

We have a well-defined sales process. First, we talk with your R&D, production, and quality team. We make sure we have the right experts for you: professionals who can answer your questions and share their expertise. You’ll be in touch with the people that actually design our machines and who can offer a broad range of expertise on semiconductor package, process and production optimization. Together we work out how to tailor our equipment or automation solution to your needs in development and manufacturing.

We often ask customers to send us some samples of their devices, which we use for test runs in our own facilities. You also have the opportunity to assess the system yourself via a live demonstration at our labs in Hong Kong and Nijmegen. We will evaluate the results with your engineering and manufacturing teams and from there align what’s the best way to demonstrate our equipment’s speed and accuracy in your factory.

Agreeing on the right price

Then we move on to a commercial, purchasing, and higher management discussion, to make sure we can supply at the right price.

Hassle free-service

We take service seriously: our aim is to completely unburden you with an integral package that covers service, spares and consumables. Alternatively, we can work with your team to make you fully self-sufficient! This is something that sets us apart from our competitors. When buying a machine from us, you won't be locked into a lifetime of expensive maintenance.

Optimizing your after care

We can optimize your production equipment further by connecting it to our AI automation software. This monitors the machine’s condition precisely and enables you to move from corrective (always too late) and preventive (always too early) maintenance to predictive (right in time) maintenance.