ADAT3 XF TwinRevolve


Revolutionary flip-chip die bonder assembles 60,000 chips/hour

Flip chips have two key benefits over the wire-bonded chips they replace. They eliminate the quality problems associated with wire bonds, and so increase reliability. And they boost high-frequency performance by using copper pillars with much lower resistance than thin bond wires. Flip-chip die bonders have however been slow, so you need a massive investment in multiple machines for any sort of production volume. That is no longer a limitation.

Our new ADAT3 XF TwinRevolve flip-chip die bonder assembles up to 60,000 flip chips per hour, which is at least five times faster than anything else on the market. The new Flagship machine is a game changer, offering a fraction of the Total Cost of Ownership (TCoO) of previous die bonders. You get the same production from a fifth of the factory floor space, and you save on maintenance, operator hours, spare parts and energy costs. It will open a whole new range of applications to flip chips.

The new die bonder simplifies the assembly process. Twin rotating heads mean less inertia and vibration than the conventional forwards-and-backwards motion. The die is flipped and placed in a fast, smooth action with the same accuracy but at much higher speeds. And – as with the whole ADAT3 XF (eXtended Flexibility) family – the machine is automated, modular and field upgradable for extended lifetime and even more sustainable operation.