The only equipment on the market providing full ePassport, bankcard, and e-ID chipset module inspection

Work more efficiently, productively, and accurately with ultra-high-speed 2D vision inspection. This module is built with automatic high-speed reject removal to prevent sequence disruption. The PHIXEL CMR will guarantee your products' quality and eliminate product defects and field recalls — bringing customer complaints close to 0%.

phixel CMR

Inspection of Contact/Contactless Dual Interface (CDIF) module substrate to detect encapsulated die, mold defect, bonding wire, and plating defect

Key features
Minimum 5MP colour camera for top and bottom inspection
4 stations for 2D inspection, testing, reject punch, and validation
Throughput: up to 70k UPH (subject to package size)
Post-inspection after reject punch
Zero balancing capability, total good, and reject counts
Customized AOI solution
ID reader
AOI cellular network architecture for recipe and EMAP management
Lead frame width: up to 35 mm
SEMI standard with SECS/GEM interface
Option: real-time data feeding to MES and eSPC
Option: auto email alert (defect/batch summary)


Imaging system
Camera: 5M pixels area camera mono
Number of camera(s): 2 (top) + 1 (bottom)
Resolution/Field of view: 12 µm/pixel FOV:30 mm
Minimum object detection: 48 µm
Lighting: Compound lighting

Inspection categories
Program mode: Fast programming for common reject criteria
Reject treatment: Electronic map
Inspection view: Top and bottom view

Inspection items
CDIF defects: Incomplete punch. Incorrect punch. Contamination. Splicing connection (distinguish colour, size, and location). Mold void. Chipping. Die contamination. Loose wire
Chip module defects: Bend lead. Chipping. Mold scratch. Gate remain. Mold contamination. Crack. Lead scratch. Mold flash. Incomplete fill. Scratch
Ink mark. Index hole deformation. Cold splicing. Shift punch

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